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Water trucks for dust suppression


Construction sites and open-pit mining operations have long had a reputation of being poor neighbours in their local communities. They are dusty, loud, and an eyesore. The noise they produce can be a major irritant and lead to numerous complaints. However, of greater importance is the potential health-related dangers of the dust they release into the air.

While most people find dust to be annoying when it settles on and dirties vehicles and property; it is the unseen particles, in particular respirable


How does vacuum excavation work?

Construction, utility work, mining, drilling; as long as man has been walking on two legs, he has been moving earth to reshape his environment and gain advantages from it. In truth, while many other animals may burrow into the ground it is only people who have the capacity to completely reshape their surroundings to suit their needs and garner the bounty that mother earth often has hidden deep within her crust.
The methods used haven’t always been gentle and for most

safety helmets

Construction Sites; Why Safety Is Pivotal

Why Safety Must Always Be Considered At Construction Sites
According to the most recent OSHA statistics, workplace injuries cost the Australian economy over $61 billion annually. This is their direct impact and does not take into account the ancillary effect that they have on people, companies and communities. Workplace injuries and diseases have a trickle-down effect that not only changes the lives of the workers involved but can lead to company closures and loss of jobs in their area of operations.

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Why Is Vacuum Excavation the Preferred Method of Excavation in Australia?

Excavation work has always been problematic. Whether it is something as simple as planting a tree in your yard or as complicated as a remediation project anytime you start to break soul with traditional methods there are risks and safety issues that must always be taken into account. The pick and shovel method often expose people to dangerous working conditions and is a labour-intensive method to move soil. It has often been employed as a method of last resort though

safedig vacuum truck fleet

Safe Dig Featured in Trenchless Australasia


With offices in Brisbane, Gladstone and Mackay, Safe Dig Services serves its clients – including the mining and rail sectors – throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Whitsundays, regional Queensland and New South Wales. The company has recently acquired new vacuum trucks, bringing the total in its fleet to 15, in addition to other construction and excavation machinery.

Safe Dig Services provides the Australian construction industry with end-to-end capabilities, including project management on a variety of


How to fix blocked drains or blocked pipes

People often ask us the best way to clear a blocked drain or pipe. They’ve tried everything – Draino, spiral tools, drain snakes and every technique in the book. Sometimes they’re sick of the smell, ready to give up and dig the entire pipe out for replacement.

But there’s an easier, safer and cheaper option than digging up trenches and making all that mess! Safe Dig’s high-pressure jetting units clear blocked drains with ease, with an output pressure of over 2500PSI.

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