How to fix blocked drains or blocked pipes


People often ask us the best way to clear a blocked drain or pipe. They’ve tried everything – Draino, spiral tools, drain snakes and every technique in the book. Sometimes they’re sick of the smell, ready to give up and dig the entire pipe out for replacement.

But there’s an easier, safer and cheaper option than digging up trenches and making all that mess! Safe Dig’s high-pressure jetting units clear blocked drains with ease, with an output pressure of over 2500PSI. Better yet, we’ve got a unit to suit every application – small trucks, large trucks and jetting trailers, even a water tanker and jetter combo for long-lasting jetting power.

So what is jetting?

Jetting is basically a high-pressure water blast, designed to vaporise any debris or clogging material from a pipe. Clean up is easy too! Using our powerful vacuum excavation trucks, we’re able to find the next access point in the pipe and remove excess liquid/silt/blockage if necessary. This makes it particularly useful for unblocking of stormwater drains, cleaning grease traps or flushing out pits.

pipe jetting

Safe Dig also have multiple jetting nozzles, tips which attach to our jetting rods. These jetters are specifically designed for different tasks, including cutting tips for tree-roots, spiralling tips for further-reach and multi-directional nozzles which actively push the jetting nozzle further into the pipe to clear blockages. Our capabilities extend beyond pipe and pit, and we even have nozzles for high-pressure cleaning of graffiti, bin cleaning, pit cleans, pit flushes and sewerage pump outs.
Our jetting work is also exceptionally helpful in recent work with city councils cleaning gross pollutant traps and grease traps, removing waste and debris from your local stormwater system and keeping pollution out of our waterways.

pipe jetting in action

Safe Dig specialise in jetting services and have been servicing everyone from major city councils and large international corporations, down to small plumbing businesses and residential landowners. Our offices in Brisbane, Gladstone and Mackay enable us to be highly versatile and service all of Queensland. Our qualified and trustworthy staff are accredited in many aspects of the business and, coupled with our fleet of over 30 vacuum trucks and civil equipment machinery, we are highly capable of completing any task you require. Our fleet includes a variety of equipment including vacuum trucks excavators, combination units, recycling units, remote control diggers and more.

Give us a ring today on (07) 3376 0856 to book in your next jetting job – let us help solve your pipe problems.

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