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Non-Destructive Digging & Equipment Hire in Mackay, Rockhampton, Yatala, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Are you planning any projects that involve digging and excavation?

If so, contact Safe Dig Services and join our list of highly satisfied customers. At Safe Dig, we are specialists in Vacuum Excavation, Pipe Clearing, Underground Service Location and other Civil Services.

Vacuum excavation uses high-pressure water jets to break up solid ground, whether it’s sand or clay, rocks or soil, and simultaneously vacuums the debris away into a holding tank for clean off-site disposal after a job is completed. Vacuum excavation is a non-invasive, cost effective and accurate way to locate or safely excavate around sensitive underground utilities, and reduces the risks associated with damaging these assets.

Safe Dig Services perform Dial-Before-You-Dig queries alongside all service location. We can locate any utility lines on your site, including gas, water, electricity, drainage, telephone and cable TV lines. We offer a total service that includes pipe lining, vacuum excavation, drain cleaning, spoil removal, boundary trap replacement, CCTV Camera Inspections and robotic cutting of objects from within a pipe.

Why customers choose Safe Dig

Quality safety-focused services, both big and small, in the Civil Construction industry

Each Safe Dig vehicle is well maintained and has been approved by the following organisations – Aurizon and Queensland Rail, Gateway Project, Amberley Air Base (Lendlease and Allroads), Roak-Tek, Gold Coast City Council, Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.

All of our plant are registered with online maintenance tracking providers, and Safe Dig employs a full-time highly qualified heavy vehicle diesel mechanic so you can feel confident that our fleet of vehicles are regularly serviced and in top-notch condition, meaning you get the job done on-time, every time.

Safe Dig combines the latest technology with years of experience and superior quality materials, to provide permanent solutions with minimal disruption and without the need for destructive excavation.

Some of our biggest contracts in railway maintenance are servicing drain and culvert clearing and our services cover the needs of industrial, commercial, rural and residential properties. We strive to offer the most effective solutions to all our clients.

Vacuum Excavation and Service Location

Vacuum Excavation – a cost-effective method that uses high-pressure water jets to break up solid ground (whether it’s sand, clay, rocks or soil) while simultaneously vacuuming the debris away into a holding tank for clean and easy off-site disposal after the job is completed. Also called non-destructive-digging, vacuum excavation is able to safely excavate around sensitive and expensive cables and services. Vacuum excavation is also uniquely suited for highly targeted pot-holing to identify and confirm the depths, type and size of conduits. This results in minimal impact to on-site traffic flows and surrounding surface activities – perfect for roadwork or rail environments.

Jetting technology uses high pressure water technology to effectively clear pipes, drainage systems or culverts of blockages and debris – we collect and remove all debris off-site, leaving the job site clean and clear.

Underground Service Locate – We offer a range of service locate options for clients to choose from, and routinely help advise on the most appropriate option for the specific job.

Service options include:

1) Potholing for inspection purposes – as mentioned above, our operators are trained to use our vacuum excavation trucks to safely and cheaply inspect for or confirm the presence and type of underground services.
2) Ground Penetrating Radar for highly accurate mapping of underground services
3) Mobile CCTV Pipe Camera – To avoid the expensive process of digging out pipes to check for blockages or inspect their condition, we offer pipe inspections utilising a mobile CCTV camera that can be sent up pipes with ease to check for blockages, cracks, ageing, rust and also determine the structural integrity and strength of pipes and culverts.

Unlike conventional excavation, where big machinery rips up everything, Safe Dig uses non-destructive digging techniques that are safe, easy, have no risk of damage to services, and leaves the site clean.

Located in Brisbane, Gladstone and Mackay, we now service clients throughout Greater Brisbane, The Gold Coast, New South Wales, the Whitsunday region, mining and railway sectors, and throughout Queensland.

Thanks to the team at Safe Dig. I enjoy working with you and all the boys are great onsite, they are always professional and work well with my team. I know all my jobs will run smoothly when i work in combination with Safe Dig employees. 
Adam Price, Primal Earthworks

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