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vacuum excavation needs.

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Underground Service

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Surveying & Geographic

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Why spend thousands of dollars replacing underground cables?

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation uses high-pressure water jets to break up solid ground, whether it’s sand or clay, rocks or soil and simultaneously vacuums the debris away,

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Underground Service Location

When locating services, the most important situation to avoid is damage from accidental excavation. With the latest technology vacuum excavation, 

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Surveying & Geographic Mapping

SAFE DIG can supply a comprehensive surveying and mapping solution for any project. Mapping large areas for project planning and design, providing detailed site specific information,

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Are you planning any projects on property that involves digging and excavation?

If so contact Safe Dig. At Safe Dig we are specialists in Underground Service Location, Vacuum Excavation and Surveying and Geographic Mapping.

We can locate any utility lines on your site. These include gas, water, electricity, drainage, telephone and cable TV lines. We offer a total service that includes pipe lining, vacuum excavation, drain cleaning, boundary trap replacement and robotic cutting of objects from within a pipe.

Specializing in Drain Cleaning

Minimum Impact / Maximum Results

Safe Dig combines the latest technology with years of experience and superior quality materials, to provide permanent solutions with minimal disruption and without the need for destructive excavation.

Our services cover the needs of all industrial, rural and commercial properties and we offer the most effective solutions to all our clients.

Our promise to you

Unlike conventional excavation, where big machinery rips up everything, Safe Dig is safe, easy, has no risk of damage to services and leaves the site clean.

Located in Brisbane, we now service clients throughout Greater Brisbane, The Gold Coast, New South Wales, the Whitsunday region and Queensland Mining Sectors.

Licenses and Accreditations

Each Safe Dig vehicle is well maintained and has been approved by the following organisations – Gateway Project, Amberley Air Base, Roak-Tek, Gold Coast City
Council, Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.

Why Choose Safe Dig

Minimum Impact, Maximum Results.
We only employ the best and most qualified staff. 
We listen and understand the needs of our clients.
Every job is important to us and so is every client.

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The Benefits

Non-destructive form of digging
Can easily locate electricity/ water/gas or fibre optic
Clean and efficient way of locating services
Ability to vacuum small to large volumes of water
High pressure cleaning or vacuum of drainage pits

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What Our Clients Say

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