What is a Vacuum Excavation Truck?


Maybe you have seen our Vacuum Excavation Truck throughout Brisbane, Gladstone, Rockhampton, or Mackay and wondered what exactly is this impressive piece of machinery.

Looking like some kind of hybrid fire truck, it is common that our vacuum excavation trucks raise an eyebrow or two while on the road or on-site performing a vacuum excavation.

Just like a fire truck, our Vacuum excavation trucks can pump water; in fact Safe Dig vacuum excavation trucks carry 2000 L of fresh water with a fire fighter pump installed for blasting. Where our vacuum excavation trucks differ however is that they also have installed a high pressure vacuum which we use to clean out everything from trenches to conduits and pipes.

Vacuum Excavation trucks are in fact state of the art machinery, our well kept machinery is specifically designed for non-invasive excavation. Safer, more flexible, faster, cheaper, cleaner, and less expensive than conventional excavation.

Our vacuum Excavation trucks have installed state of the art systems that includes spoil tanks varying anywhere from 3000litres,5000litres and 8000litres, fire fighter pumps, split water pressure cleaners. With all this, it’s no wonder our trucks are one of the most talked about pieces of machinery on any job site.

We take safety seriously, hence all of our vacuum excavation trucks carry at all times first aid kits, spill kits and fire extinguishers in their arsenal.

Each vacuum excavation truck also has all permits and approvals by the respective government bodies and organisations in which they operate such as; Aurizon and Queensland Rail, Roak-Tek, Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council, Lendlease, Downer and Gold Coast City Council.

There are many reasons “why you should use vacuum excavation at your site” but the biggest advantages that our customers have found by using one of our vacuum excavation trucks is the low impact that they have on their sites.

Our trucks only take up a small area but pack a powerful punch when it comes to excavating a site. Older traditional methods of excavation can often leave whole site ripped to pieces by large machinery, or if the site is tight, you can find this older style machinery is difficult and cumbersome or even impossible to execute the job.

Our customers love the fact that with our vacuum excavation trucks digging becomes a fast no hassles, non-destructive affair.

We consider ourselves the Vacuum Excavation Brisbane and Mackay experts. If you are planning to excavate we urge you to call us today and talk with one of our experienced staff members about how our vacuum excavation trucks can benefit your excavation project saving you time and money.

From the team at safe dig, we look forwards to hearing from you, and showing you the safe dig difference!


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