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Ground Penetrating Radar

Benefits of using Ground Penetrating Radar

When it comes to surveying and mapping your project site, fully understanding it’s underground utilities, either indoors with a concrete slab or outdoors before commencing work is a must. Using the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, Safe Dig’s GPR is the only non- intrusive method that can determine non-metallic or non-conductive underground services such as plastic water and gas lines, concrete, terracotta, asphalt, composite pipes and even direct-buried fibre optics.
GPR is in principle similar to sonar devices used on

vacuum excavation truck

How does vacuum excavation work?

Construction, utility work, mining, drilling; as long as man has been walking on two legs, he has been moving earth to reshape his environment and gain advantages from it. In truth, while many other animals may burrow into the ground it is only people who have the capacity to completely reshape their surroundings to suit their needs and garner the bounty that mother earth often has hidden deep within her crust.
The methods used haven’t always been gentle and for most

underground service Loçocate

Underground Utility Location Services

Whether you’re a home builder, architect, surveyor, electrician, fence builder, landscaper or Tier 1 construction company building a new road, identifying and marking out underground utilities on your project site is essential to avoid damage and costly delays with public and private services.

water truck

Water trucks for dust suppression


Construction sites and open-pit mining operations have long had a reputation of being poor neighbours in their local communities. They are dusty, loud, and an eyesore. The noise they produce can be a major irritant and lead to numerous complaints. However, of greater importance is the potential health-related dangers of the dust they release into the air.

While most people find dust to be annoying when it settles on and dirties vehicles and property; it is the unseen particles, in particular respirable

Non Destructive digging

Why use vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging technology that improves the safety of workers on site, is more cost effective and importantly, vacuum excavation is significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional digging machinery.

Looking at the equipment we’ve been using here at Safe Dig Brisbane since 1994; vacuum digging requires a specially equipped vacuum excavation truck with a water tank and a debris tank that allows us to penetrate and vacuum up the earth, clay, stone, gravel and rock out of the

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