Surveying & Geographic Mapping

Surveying & Geographic Mapping

SAFE DIG can supply a comprehensive surveying and mapping solution for any project. Mapping large areas for project planning and design, providing detailed site specific information to identify potential issues and effectively manage assets.

Safe Dig and our highly skilled operators use the most recent up to date Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology available.

GPR is the only non-intrusive method that can locate non-metallic or non-conductive underground utilities such as plastic water and gas lines, concrete, terracotta, asphalt, composite pipes and even direct-buried fiber optics.

GPR is, in principle, similar to sonar equipment found in boats. The receiver picks up the “back scattered” signal, records it and displays the image live on a computer screen. Readings returned on screen indicate the depth and the position of the pipe.

When combined with Vacuum excavation pot-holing, GPR provides unparalleled levels of precision in pin-pointing the location of underground utilities or anomalies.

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Our current list of services and equipment includes:

  • Utility Record Research
  • Utility Locators & 2D GPR
  • Vacuum Excavation-Utility Exposure With As-Built
  • Underground Service Mapping
  • Flushing Through & Clearing Blocked Conduits & Pipes
  • Cleaning Drains (GPT¡¦s & Gully Boxes)
  • Slot Trenching
  • Liquid Waste Removal
  • Pit & Manhole Pump-Outs & Clean-Outs
  • Jet Rodding & Slurry Removal
  • Civil Construction Party Trucks With Pit & Pipe Installation Equipment
  • Excavators , Bobcats, Tippers & Chain Trencher
  • Fibre Hauling Winching Trucks
  • Cable Trailers & Compressors
  • Pipe Cleaning Trucks
  • Pipe Jetting Trucks
  • BMA local buy program in Moranbah
  • 5000 litre drain cleaning trucks up to 700 mm round
  • 4X4 Vacuum trucks
  • Post Holes (Rag Bolts, Fencing & Traffic Signals)
  • 9,000 and a 13,000 litre water trucks Civil spec with water cannons

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