Ground Penetrating Radar

Benefits of using Ground Penetrating Radar

When it comes to surveying and mapping your project site, fully understanding it’s underground utilities, either indoors with a concrete slab or outdoors before commencing work is a must. Using the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, Safe Dig’s GPR is the only non- intrusive method that can determine non-metallic or non-conductive underground services such as plastic water and gas lines, concrete, terracotta, asphalt, composite pipes and even direct-buried fibre optics.
GPR is in principle similar to sonar devices used on boats; the receiver detects the “back- scattered” signal, records it and displays a live image on a screen indicating the depth and position of the object or pipe. Coupled with vacuum excavation, GPR is remarkable technology for construction sites.

Non Destructive digging

Why use vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging technology that improves the safety of workers on site, is more cost effective and importantly, vacuum excavation is significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional digging machinery.

Looking at the equipment we’ve been using here at Safe Dig Brisbane since 1994; vacuum digging requires a specially equipped vacuum excavation truck with a water tank and a debris tank that allows us to penetrate and vacuum up the earth, clay, stone, gravel and rock out of the ground. The main reasons for vacuum digging are to create a hole, trench or reveal the picture below with non-destructive, low evasive digging technology that is extremely safe.

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