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Pipe Inspections, Jet Rodding and Drain Clearing located in Brisbane, Mackay, Gladstone and throughout Queensland

How to fix blocked drains?

The best way to fix a blocked drain is to call a professional. Most of the time, drain blockages are caused by something out of reach without the correct equipment. Safe Dig can clear any blocked drains no matter the size. From household plumbing to large sewer pipes, Safe Dig can arrange an inspection throughout Queensland in Brisbane, Mackay, Gladstone and the Gold Coast.

By using our advanced camera technology we have the ability to easily investigate the interior of any pipes or drains. Our flexible pipe inspection equipment is highly durable, weatherproof and portable making it the perfect tool for getting in and around confined spaces. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself. Our equipment records high-quality video allowing us to show you live video footage on site. We can record this footage for you if needed and store it on a USB if it required later.

What happens if there is a pipe blockage?

Don’t stress. We can send out one of our jet rodding trucks right away. Our jet rodding trucks for hire can clear, collect and remove any debris inside pipes solving the leaking or block drain issue and preventing further damage. With our state of the art equipment we can provide a real time view of the condition of any inaccessible drain or pipe and inspect it to determine the problem and the best course of action. Inspections can be undertaken after a problem has been reported such as a blockage or as scheduled maintenance to prevent issues before they occur such as stormwater drainage around valuable infrastructure.

CCTV inspections involve moving a camera through the pipe either by a flexible probe-mounted camera for smaller pipes with bends or by remotely operated robot known as a crawler camera, that is suited for larger pipes over longer distances. As the camera is moved through the pipe, video footage can be displayed and recorded for analysis. Any faults such as sediment buildup, blockages, cracks or misalignments can be recorded and evaluated. The location of any features such as junctions, buried manholes or faults can also be measured and marked on the surface.

Our jet rodding for hire equipment uses high-pressure water to break up blockages and scours the pipeline clean. Once a pipe blockage is cleared it is simultaneously vacuumed out through our sucker truck. With extension hoses and long jetter reels, our trucks are able to access areas where a person is unable to reach to clear larger objects such as tree roots or rocks that can’t be vacuumed out.

What is Jet Rodding?

  • Jet rodding is the process of using high pressure water jets to:
  • Clear drain blockages
  • Clean the interior walls of household drains as well as large sewer pipes
  • Create a guided bore through soil
  • Safely excavate underground utilities
  • Clean graffiti and vandalism
  • Clear dirt and debris

Jet rodding requires both a high-pressure water source, provided by a compressor, and specialty nozzles attached to the bottom hole assembly (BHA).

What are the benefits of Jet Rodding?

  • Jet Rodding is efficient, and provides an easy alternative to clearing drains than regular methods
  • Jet Rodding is cost effective as it does not require multiple pieces of equipment or high labor costs
  • Jet Rodding is a highly effective way of clearing drains without invasive and potentially damaging excavation work

As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting services that are safe, fast, efficient and effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects, we ensure our team is highly trained and experienced, with extensive knowledge in high-pressure water blasting across a variety of industries, big and small.

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