Vacuum Excavation Brisbane

Save time and money with vacuum excavation

Vacuum excavation uses high-pressure water jets to break up solid ground, whether it’s sand, clay, rocks or soil and simultaneously vacuums the debris away, into a holding tank for disposal after the job is completed. It provides a safeguard against hitting or damaging underground assets and allows you to see what is beneath the soil surface prior to commencing a full excavation or installation.

Our Vacuum Truck Fleet:

We reckon we have Queensland’s Proudest fleet.

Check out our Vacuum Trucks below and call us to discuss your next job!

  • 16,000L Freightliner Vacuum Tanker x 1
  • 8,000L Freightliner Vacuum Excavator x 2
  • 6,000L Vacuum Excavator with Jet Rodding Capabilities x 4
  • 50000 litres x 2
  • 4,000L Vacuum Excavator x5
  • 3,000L Vacuum Excavatorx2

This is a non-invasive, cost effective and accurate way to locate underground utilities prior to excavation and reduces the risk associated with damaging these assets. It also allows pot-holing to occur with minimal impact to the streetscape, reducing disruption to traffic flows and other surface activities.

Experienced Brisbane staff manage our trucks, and their competencies include national accreditation provided by Telstra, Optus, Energex, Ergon Energy, BMA and Thiess.

We are currently one of the few accredited Telstra Locating contractors for Optic Fibre in Brisbane and Mackay. We service major companies and clients, some of which include All-Roads, Aurizon (level 3), Queensland Rail, Lendlease, BMD Constructions, QBC, Shamrock, Shadforth Civil, GHD Engineering, as well as both major urban and regional councils.

Benefits of using Safe Dig Services Brisbane:

  • Non-destructive digging around sensitive areas/utilities
  • Comprehensive and accurate major service location including electricity/water/gas or fibre optic
  • Ability to vacuum small to large volumes of water for pit pump outs
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Professional, Qualified and Accredited Operators
  • Modern, maintained, safe equipment
  • Peace of Mind and Reliability you can trust

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