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Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation has expanded our services of As You Like It Landscaping which was formed in 1994. Our Vacuum Excavation trucks and Underground Service Locating division has been operating for over 5 years. However we have over 30 years experience in Telecommunications, Civil Construction, Underground Service Locating and Vacuum Excavation. We have Brisbane & Mackay offices with the capabilities of servicing all of QLD. Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of Underground Service Locating and Vacuum Excavation, so we are among the experts when it comes to the exact location of any existing underground pipe or service.

The Benefits

  • Non-destructive form of digging
  • Can easily locate electricity/water/gas or fibre optic
  • Clean and efficient way of locating services
  • Ability to vacuum small to large volumes of water
  • High pressure cleaning or vacuum of drainage pits

Our trucks are managed by experienced staff and their competencies include nationally accredited training provided by Telstra/Optus/Energex/Ergon Energy/BMA & Theiss. We are currently the only Accredited Optus Locating contractor for Optic Fibre in Brisbane & Mackay.

Safe Dig provides a unique service in excavation and underground Underground Service Location. Located in Brisbane Safedig is now servicing clients throughout Greater Brisbane, The Gold Coast, New South Wales and the Whitsunday regions. Safe Dig has a simple goal; to provide cost effective and efficient solutions to underground Underground Service Location and excavation which is clean and risk free of accidental damage.

The Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation and Utility location service is prompt and reliable with all Safe Dig operators having been trained in the telecommunications industry with prior experience with vacuum excavation and cable location.

Safe Dig has now emerged as the national market leaders with a highly skilled team of professionals. No job is too big or too small and every job is completed to perfection. Safe Dig specialises in;

• Vacuum excavation • Service, utility and cable location
• 2D ground penetrating radar • Surveying • Geographic mapping

Before you have ever run into problems when excavating around water pipes, electrical cables, gas pipes or fibre optic cabling, contact Safe Dig to ensure the job is done right. With Safe Dig’s unique vacuum excavation technique, safety of your underground services is guaranteed to be less destructive than traditional excavation machinery. The Safe Dig professionals can service small to large companies, corporate industry to the weekend digger.

With over 20 years of industry experience, there is no alternative, make the call to Safe Dig to ensure your Underground Service Location and excavation project is done right.

Vacuum Excavation Services

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Safe Dig – Vacuum Excavation, Underground Service Location, Surveying & Geographic Mapping; Servicing greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, New South Wales and the Whitsunday regions.