Why Safe Dig

Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation uses the latest technology available to ensure that the site is left with as minimal damage as possible. When locating cables and services it is imperative that care is taken. With Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation you are assured this. Unlike conventional excavation, where big machinery rips up everything, vacuum excavation is safe, easy, has no risk of damage to services and leaves the site clean.

The Benefits of Using Safe Dig:

  • Non–destructive form of digging
  • Can easily locate services including; electricity, water, gas or fibre optic
  • Clean and efficient way of locating services
  • Ability to vacuum anything from small to large volumes of water
  • High pressure cleaning or vacuum of drainage pits

The Safe Dig Difference

Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation trucks carry 2000 litres of fresh water and have a 3000 litre spoil tank, fire fighter pump, large split water pressure cleaner, large holding tank for spoils, first aid kits, spill kits and fire extinguishers. Each truck is fitted with Brisbane and Gold Coast water standpipes as well as having access to the Logan-Beaudesert overhead standpipes.

Each and every Safe Dig vehicle is well maintained, and our vehicles have been approved by organisations such as the Gateway Project, Amberley Air Base, Roak-Tek, Gold Coast City Council, Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.

Safe Dig takes pride and care in every job and ensures each Underground Service Location and dig is perfectly operated and completed. From truck maintenance to staff training no stone is left unturned to ensure the job is done right.

Our current list of services and equipment includes but is not limited to:

Utility Record Research
Utility Locators & 2D GPR
Vacuum Excavation-Utility Exposure With As-Built
Underground Service Mapping
Flushing Through & Clearing Blocked Conduits & Pipes
Cleaning Drains and Culverts (GPT¡¦s & Gully Boxes)
Slot Trenching
Liquid Waste Removal
Pit & Manhole Pump-Outs & Clean-Outs
Jet Rodding & Slurry Removal
Post Holes (Rag Bolts, Fencing & Traffic Signals)
Excavators , Bobcats, Tippers & Chain Trencher
Fibre Hauling Winching Trucks
Cable Trailers & Compressors
Civil Construction Party Trucks With Pit & Pipe Installation Equipment
Pipe Cleaning Trucks
Pipe Jetting Trucks
We are BMA local buy program in Moranbah
We now have 5000 litre drain cleaning truck up to 700 mm round
We now have a 9,000 and a 13,000 litre water trucks Civil spec with water cannons
4X4 Vacuum truck.
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