Vacuum Trucks for hire in Brisbane, Gladstone and Mackay

Safe Dig has quality vac trucks for hire located throughout Queensland

Looking for reliable vacuum excavation for hire in Brisbane, Gladstone and Mackay? Look no further than Safe Dig. We have range of vacuum excavation trucks for hire throughout Queensland that are meticulously serviced and ready to tackle any job.

Safe Dig are Queensland’s experts in cable location, service location, non-destructive digging and vacuum excavation. We use the latest technology to ensure the utilities and subsurface items on your job site are protected which in turn keeps costs down for your project and work on time. Vacuum excavation is safe, easy, has no risk of damage to services and utilities and also leaves the site clean with no waste left over.

Featuring powerful vacuum units for easy removal of waste, jetting wand and high pressure water unit for cleaning and pumping, our vac trucks are perfect for pit cleans, pump outs, and liquid waste. We also take safety very seriously with each vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher, spill kit and necessary safety equipment included.

Safe Dig vacuum excavation services provide non-destructive digging of underground cables and utilities. With a variety of vac truck sizes available and a range of options, Safe Dig can provide a truck for all project requirements. Our vac trucks range from 16,000L capacity for large construction projects down to 3000L units for smaller jobs that require a more flexible option. Our operators are also completely trained with their MR license and have the knowledge to advise on any type of project.

Our Vacuum Excavation fleet includes:

  • 3000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks
  • 4000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks
  • 5000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks
  • 6000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks
  • 8000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks
  • 16,000L Vacuum Excavation Trucks

All of our vac trucks include:

  • Standpipe for all day water refills
  • Powerful vacuum units for easy waste removal
  • Jetting wand
  • High pressure water unit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spill Kit
  • Up to 40m of vac hose
  • Capacity for backfill, Safety signage and traffic cones

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