All of our staff are accredited with the correct training for the work they are doing. All staff hold an RIW (Rail Industry Worker) card and are fully accredited to access the rail-corridor.

Staff are also accredited with training including Safely Access the Rail Corridor (SARC), confined spaces training, Safe operation of a metered standpipe, Construction safety induction cards, dial before you dig locating training, Telstra approved location technician and necessary tickets to work on NBN jobs.

Yes. Our rates for travel are charged at the same rate as the hiring. A job is charged from depot-to-depot. This means that our works docket will say the time we left the yard in the morning and the time we finished in the afternoon, including all hours in between – travel to the job site, travel to the dump site, de-watering and washing the truck.

Service location is the use of electronic detection wands and 2D ground radar to detect underground services and pipes. Services are then marked out with paint so it is clear where to avoid when digging.  Safe Dig’s service is proudly followed up with a complimentary report detailing findings of the job site.

The Safe Dig Underground Service Location experts can help you locate; core infrastructure including water, gas, telecommunications, sewer or underground power to clearing blockages with high pressure water and root cutters

Safe Dig’s Service location experts are fully Telstra, Energex, Ergon Energy, BMA and Thiess certified. We are one of the few fully accredited Telstra certified locators and Dial before you dig certified locators for optic fibres in Queensland.

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