Vacuum Excavation Services

Safe Dig is quite simply the vacuum excavation experts. With over 20 years industry experience, in particular the telecommunications industry, Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation is used to dealing with the location of underground cables and successfully excavating using vacuum technology to ensure 100% no damage to the cabling. It was this experience that shaped the vacuum excavation technology that Safe Dig uses today for all commercial, industrial and residential purposes.

No matter what your needs or your application; Safe Dig has the answer for you. Safe Dig can vacuum excavate on any property, within any area and yes, with minimal disruption and damage to your service cabling, your home, office or any property.

Before attempting to locate services yourself and risk the potential damage, or before starting any project that requires excavation, you need to begin by contacting Safe Dig today, one of the trained professionals from Safe Dig vacuum excavation will steer you in the right direction.

Vacuum Excavation Services

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Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation, Underground Service Location, Surveying & Geographic Mapping; Servicing greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, New South Wales and the Whitsunday regions.