Underground Service Location

When locating services, the most important situation to avoid is damage from accidental excavation. With Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation and Underground Service Location, your worries are no more. With the latest technology vacuum excavation, as well as 2D ground penetrating radar, your services are guaranteed to be located easily and safely.

Whether you have a major construction project, or you are in need of locating hidden services at your home, Safe Dig has the answer. No job is too big or too small. The Safe Dig Underground Service Location experts can help you locate; core infrastructure including water, gas, telecommunications, sewer or underground power to clearing blockages with high pressure water and root cutters. Safe Dig offers you the service and expertise needed to get the job done effectively.

With over 20 years experience, Safe Dig has developed a reputation in the industry for repeated success in cable, service and pipe location, water leak detection and finding hidden faults in all underground utility location. Furthermore, Safe Dig uses vacuum excavation technology to ensure zero damage to the utilities every single dig.

Once the Safe Dig Service Locators are finished, you can be assured that all services are located with no damage, and the site is left clean, with customer satisfaction.

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Vacuum Excavation Services

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